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What is a Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment & How Can It Help You Save?

As one of the most generous energy efficiency initiatives in Massachusetts, the Mass Save® Program can help you save thousands of dollars on home improvements that lead to lower energy bills and more home comfort—like insulation and heat pump installation. 

As a Participating Home Performance Contractor in the Mass Save Home Energy Services Program, Baylies can help you take the first step to making your Worcester, Fall River, or Plymouth home more comfortable and energy efficient for years to come with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. 

What is Mass Save?

Mass Save is a collaborative of Massachusetts’ natural gas, electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers to help Massachusetts’ residents and businesses manage their energy use, increase their energy efficiency, and reduce costs. Through a wide range of resources, programs, and incentives, the sponsors of Mass Save promote energy efficiency throughout the state. Many top utility companies in Massachusetts are Sponsors of the Mass Save program, including Unitil, National Grid, Liberty Utilities, and Eversource.

Efficiency Starts With an Energy Assessment

Before making upgrades to your home, it’s important to start with an in depth analysis of how it’s currently performing. With a no-cost home energy assessment from Baylies, you’ll gain valuable insight into where your home has inefficiencies. 

After our qualified energy specialists examine your home, you’ll receive a customized home energy report that includes recommendations for services that will help increase the comfort of your home while also helping you save money and energy. 

A no-cost Home Energy Assessment includes: 

  • No-cost energy-efficient light bulbs & other energy-saving products
  • Infrared & blower door testing to determine areas of energy loss
  • Combustion safety testing on HVAC equipment
  • Access to applicable rebates and incentives 

Qualify For Mass Save Rebates

After your home energy assessment, you’ll be able to qualify for several Mass Save Program rebates. The exact rebates you’ll have access to will depend on your home energy report and your household income, but can include:

  • No-cost air sealing
  • 75%-100% off insulation upgrades
  • $3,000 on air conditioners, heat pumps, and other HVAC systems
  • 0% financing on qualifying improvements
  • And more!

A home energy assessment is required in order to qualify for Mass Save rebates and your energy efficiency project must be completed by a certified Mass Save contractor, like Baylies.  

Start Saving on Your Energy Costs With Baylies

By taking advantage of a Home Energy Assessment, you’re not only improving your home’s energy performance and saving money, you’re learning about your home and understanding what improvements will have the greatest impact on your health, safety, and comfort. Baylies is proud to be helping Massachusetts residents and businesses find a pathway to energy efficiency and more affordable energy costs. Get started today and give us a call!

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